January 1997

Dear Fellow Radio Programmers,

I write you this letter in regards to Orville Davis' Howl At The Moon. I do not make it a custom to write letters regarding albums but I believe that this one is the exception to the rule. Having been in Country Radio for the past nine years in the nation's number one market and historically country music's toughest I see numerous albums come across my desk every week. Working under the same constraints for time that we all must endure, I must often make quick decisions regarding music from independent artists such as Orville. Often you might find the product does not meet the standards of the world of commercial radio. This is where I believe the difference begins.

I remember the first song I added to rotation was the title track Howl At The Moon. The response from both the audience and the staff was incredible. The requests started to pour in for the "Howl Song." The audience had found a song that they really loved. I started to sense my own on-air staff to sample other songs on the CD and report back to me regarding the album. The kicker was one night when I overheard a member of my air-staff singing along in the studio to Howl At The Moon. I was two studios away and could hear him singing as loud as he could. I was quite impressed at the impact the song was having.

We now decided to have Orville down to the station for an on-air interview to talk about the CD and himself and his band. He is a fantastic guest who is as straightforward a person as he is with the music he creates. The interview was a tremendous success and the audience response was again incredible as we debuted many other cuts from the album. The album is a fantastic piece of music, spanning the range of emotions from the tender ballads to the hard-driving honky-tonkin' partying songs. I have since had the pleasure to see Orville perform live both with his band and alone with his guitar and it has only confirmed what I already thought about the album. It is a classic in training, a hit waiting to happen.

In closing I would like to say that since the album arrived it has been a staple of our independent artists. Whether it is Howl at the Moon, Wanted: Total Stranger, Bare Walls, Blue Angel, A Little Dangerous, they are all fantastic songs and the hardest part has been choosing which one is next. As the song New York, New York goes, "If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere." The album has proven its worth in the toughest market in the country. Please, take the time and listen to this one, it's a winner!


Bill Logan

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