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"Write about what you know," goes the old saying. Well, Orville Davis knows, alright. These songs ache with the scent of knowing. Stripped down a bit from "Howl At The Moon", "BarnBurner" embodies the sweat and muscle that Davis has thrown into the 8 years since its predecessor. Keenan's Piano Lounge is here. The Liffy II is here. The rubber-worn road between Inwood and Atlantic City is here. The gleam of that trademark limed Corona sitting next to his guitar case is here. Orville's fans have been listening to these songs for years, shaping imaginary arrangements in their heads while the man in the cowboy hat strums away on the acoustic guitar. Now they have the studio release they've been waiting for. And they, in turn, know a bit more about Orville Davis.

Orville Davis is classic country. If someone in the audience mistakes "Before You Loved Me" for a Patsy Cline tune, it's because Orville is that good.

Orville Davis is damn funny. Listen to these songs and tell me that you can't smile at the lyrical hooks and twists that hide between the verses.

Orville Davis knows where he came from. Tough as nails, the man grew up "Rich In Love", and delivers his finest ballad on this new release.

Orville Davis is a community builder. New York City is the man's home, but the fast-paced city life is not his nature. For years the man has been throwing his all into getting people together "in a simple old fashioned way." BarnBurner, indeed. Orville continues to inspire every musician he touches with his word and music. Now we have a little more to take home in our pocket.


-Ben Krieger

Bill Logan Review Blues Access

The thirteen songs reflected on Orville Davis debut CD, Howl At The Moon, reflect many experiences of his life. On stage, he's like a mustang running skittishly around the corral, long mane flying, wanting to burst loose and run with the wind. There are no pretensions. He's exactly what he appears to be - restless energy and intensity one minute followed by a joke and a laugh the next. Orville Davis is no hat act. He has not popped out of some die-cut mold like so many outlaw wannabe's. This man delivers the goods with a forthright and honest voice.

"I Keep Sayin' Never Again", "Trouble With The Law", "A Little Bit Dangerous", "Wanted: Total Stranger", and "Midnight Drive-in Show", paint a vivid picture of many experiences Orville has been through; while "Song To You", "Bare Walls", "One Last Dance", and "Blue Angel", express the pain of heartache. One of the most popular songs on the album is the title track, "Howl At The Moon", which, when performed in concert, literally leaves the crowd howling!

"Orville delivers all the songs on the album with the music savvy of a "Honky Tonk" master singer, and to realize he also wrote the songs makes your mind drift to the days when men were men and country was country!" (Rob Burrows, WFDU-FM country music producer/ on-air personality)

Country music superstar Suzy Bogguss proclaimed that "Orville sounds like a W-i-l-d Child!"

Freelance journalist Mark J. Petracca "was blown away by Orville's straight forward, no bulls**t music." Listen to his music and "share his life experience a few tears, a little laughter and a whole lot of tenderness. Orville Davis is the real deal."

Orville Davis is "the rockin'est, howlin'est, honky-tonker to come down the pike in many awhile." Orville Davis is the one to deliver "Honky Tonk with Attitude." You will find all of this on Howl At The Moon.