Open Mic
hosted by
Orville Davis
8:00pm first Monday of every month
Indian Road Cafe
600 W 218th Street
at Indian Road
New York, NY 10034
(212) 942-7451
When Orville Davis moved from New York City's Lower East Side to Inwood, he noticed a couple of things about his new neighborhood. First, it was full of musicians and songwriters. Second, they had to go downtown to play in public. Orville knew the open mic scene downtown. He wanted something different. He wanted a place where people could just come together and make music, where they could play five songs instead of two, and just try things out without a lot of pressure. So Orville talked with Bill Keenan, owner of Keenan's Piano Lounge, at Broadway and 204th Street, and the Monday Open Mic was born.
That was eleven years ago. Since then, Monday nights have seen serious singer-songwriters and folks just relaxing after a day at the office; originals and covers; country, rock, folk, jazz, gospel, and alt whatever; electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, accordions, harmonicas, flutes, keyboards, trombones, saxophones, basses (standup, electric, and acoustic), drums, a cello, and even a berimbau (you could look it up).
The performers have changed, the instruments have changed, even the venue has changed - the open mic is now at The Indian Road Cafe, 600 W 218th Street, at Indian Road. You never know just what you'll get on a Monday night, except for one thing. You'll get Orville Davis, setting up his sound system, kicking things off at 8:30 with high-energy honky-tonk, and then stepping back to make a place where people can just come together and make music.
Click here for photos from the open mic.

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